About Us

VX3 stands for Veni Vidi Vici, which is latin for I came, I saw, I conquered. 

We are sportswear specialists, and we are confident that no matter your sport, or the level that you operate, we can make sure your team, club or organisation is #EquippedToConquer.

sportswear Specialists

Put simply, we make top quality sportswear, to your specifications, and deliver it on time.

We provide teamwear and off-field kit for all levels. From professional sports teams, universities, colleges, schools, to amateur clubs and youth teams, we provide the same excellent service. VX3 caters for all sports, from team sports like football, netball or rugby, through to specialist sports like cycling, athletics or ultimate frisbee. If it’s played or participated in, we produce high quality, performance apparel for it.

part of the team

We work alongside all of our clubs, teams and organisations to provide value outside of simply providing teamwear.

We go the extra mile

Need something specific or out of the ordinary? Need a quick turnaround time? We will go above and beyond to meet your needs. Always.

The pillars of our business

The business is owned and run by sportspeople. We know what you want from a sportswear partner. The fundamentals of our business are pretty basic, and we aim to deliver on them every time. 

High Quality Kit

Kit that allows you to perform, looks good, and is robust enough for your sport.

Bespoke to your needs

Built to your exact requirements.


Delivered on time

Kit delivered to you for when it is required.

Get the ball rolling.